exIN - Exit Interview

What is exIN (Exit Interview)?

Exit Interview is the discussion between an employee that leaves the company and leoHR consultant by which we obtain information about the factors that led him to leave the company.

Benefits of exIN:

1. Cost effective: Doing assessments and research on your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses is costly and time-consuming. Exit interviews are easy to conduct and take little time and minimal investment.

2. An accurate point of view: Many companies will conduct surveys throughout the year on employees' motivation and engagement. However, the data could be inaccurate because the employees may fear being completely honest about the real reasons they leave the company. Exit interviews allow departing employees an opportunity to share their thoughts without fear of retaliation.

3. Uncover real work environment: Many questions in an exit interview are about the working environment. It can be very hard to get a true sense of how employees feel about the work environment when they discuss directly with the employer. You might assume your employees are happy if there are not complaints but your company's HR strategies might not be creating the environment you want for your employees.

4. Increase Retention: Once you identify and correct any negative trends you find in company, you should be able to increase the level of engagement and satisfaction of your employees. Properly motivated employees and satisfied with the work environment in the company will lead to results such as : less turnover, cost reductions, increased efficiency and higher productivity.

Advantages of exIN:
  • Reveals a true image of the working environment in the company;
  • Finding the real causes that led the employee to leave, without fearing of retaliation because he is honest;
  • Retention of valuable people within the organisation.
  • Creating a positive view of the employer in the eyes of the departing employee.
  • Objectivity in carrying out the process;
  • Shortening and improving the entire recruitment process;
  • Reducing employee absenteeism;
  • Sustain and enhance organizational performance;
  • Increase the engagement level of the employees in the company by using a strategic motivation and creating an optimum working environment;

Our goal is Exit Interview to be a win-win situation for both your company and the leaver employee. Thus, you find out the perception of the work environment and employee expectations, being able to improve the concerned aspects. The departing employee will get a honest discussion without fearing of retaliation and he will feel appreciated for his valuable feedback and opinions.

Why choose leoHR?
    • It is our core competence. leoHR continuously invests passion and time and energy and financial resources in the development of its consultants and organizational know-how in order to provide the best feedback, customized for its clients, through the various reports and analyzes made. These documents help customers adopt the most effective decisions in order to increase the retention and engagement within the company.
    • We provide experience and expertise. exIN and stayIN were first used by Leonard RIZOIU in 2006 in Canada. In Romania, we started to deliver these services in 2014. Last year more than 12 companies from Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Pharma, Banking & Financial Services, IT&C, BPO & Shares Service Center received support and reports from exist and stay interviews and we presented customized solutions to managers and team leaders involved in the processes. More than 1000 employees were involved in our surveys and all our clients confirmed us the positive impact these solutions have had in their organizations.
    • We place as a main concern of a company the care for its employees. leoHR handles large amounts of data and knowledge. If this process is done in normal conditions in-house, will involve human and financial and material and time resources, which will generate additional costs, and the results will not be relevant, given the degree of subjectivity involved in the process. leoHR provide the necessary support for the HR specialists to focus on caring for employees of the company and on quickly and efficiently solving of their problems.
    • We offer an unbiased opinion and an objective analysis through 360˚ vision. Our consultants reveals the causes that led to the decision to leave, through the objective feedback provided by the employees, concerning the things that work well or less in the company. Using the feedback received from respondents we can present you action plans with accurate solutions in order to improve the relations with the employees but also for HR politics and processes of the company.
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